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How It Works

It’s a safe and personalized way to chat live with the people you admire and who inspire you. You can use the app to narrow the gap between you and the influencers you’ve always thought were out of reach! Book one-on-one video chats to learn from your favourite social celebrities.


Users from across the globe can browse our impressive & diverse roster of talent and book the influencers that inspire them for live one-on-one video chat sessions, for free or for a fee.

Fans use Veri to:

  • Video chat with social celebrities
  • Speak to experts
  • Network and supercharge their own initiatives

Why Now?

Times and technology are changing, and Veri is much simpler, faster, personal and easier to connect with the 
people you care about. To top it all off, chatting with influencers through Veri is secure, since we verify everyone who joins for maximum safety.

It Starts with a Free Download

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