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How It Works

Veri is open to celebrities, icons, and social influencers spanning countless areas of interest, including fashion, design, sports, lifestyle, and photography. In order to qualify as an influencer and to register your availability for one-on-one chatting sessions on Veri, you must have a minimum of 10,000 fans and followers combined across all of your social media accounts.

Veri helps you make money on social media!

As an influencer, you can make money through Veri via your faithful followers, cutting out the expensive (and unnecessary) agents and middlemen in the process!

Social Celebrities use Veri to:

  • Grow social media followings via one-on-one, safe chats with fans
  • Gain access to new and untapped revenue streams
  • Manage your time and influence without an agency

Why Now?

Times and technology are changing, and Veri is much simpler, faster, personal and easier to contend with than a talent agency. To top it all off, chatting with your fans through Veri is secure, since we verify everyone who joins for maximum safety. The possibilities are endless. It’s all about choice and self-determination. You can boost your following, set your own price, and even donate proceeds to a charity you care about.

It Starts with a Free Download

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